Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina Dustin Clemons grew up in a home with a library as his grandmother was a school teacher for over 30 years in Charleston County; his mother birthed him at a young age; who he always says taught him to think big. Dustin's farther an older gentleman and retired Marine, who also showed him how comfortable life could be. Aided with that upbringing Dustin Clemons has built organizations with customers benefiting from his innovations around the world. In 2012 Dustin moved to Florida to begin his educational journey. After moving from Florida, to Los Angeles in 2015 after graduating from Full Sail University with a bachelors in Entertainment Business, Dustin Clemons used his years of music production experience and expanded into film scoring and creating music for brands. Working within the warehouse and logistics industry to take care of his young family Dustin continued to intern and freelance within the entertainment industry under his company Been Raw Catalogs, a place where he could use what he learned in school to help content creators or other organizations get their projects to the distribution stage. Dustin expanded on new ideas and founded Baby Learn Online in 2017. Combining a new found passion to break into the technology industry, with catching his infant daughter playing on his computer; Baby Learn Online was born, As he grew the company to being a go to mobile educational tool for families with young children around the world, he also continued to capture more education at the same time. By January 2019 Dustin Clemons had been enjoying the success of his Baby Learn Online applications, and also have had completed his master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In Late 2019 Dustin Clemons spun of the software development wing of Baby Learn Online and formed WareActics Corporation, this reconstruction of entities allowed for Dustin Clemons and his team to invest the right time and actions into developing the Ship Chip technology and WareActics Control logistics software which is currently being tested in a warehouse setting. Dustin Clemons continues to produce music and engage in content creation as well as day to day company initiatives at Been Raw Catalogs, but with his time spread between leading multiple global entities and motivating a crew of wonderful individuals spanned out across the globe, one thing is for sure that Dustin Clemons will continue to innovate and bring some of the best content and products to the masses. 

Dustin Clemons

President of Been Raw Catalogs

Founder and CEO of WareActics Corporation

Co Founder and COO of Baby Learn Online, Inc.