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Technology has allowed us to experience and capture art in so many ways and with the abilities in new devices, we have never seen a more opportunistic time in the entertainment industry. We have seen award winning clips filmed on mobile phones, hit records crafted in studio apartments, and talent discovered in another country from just a picture on social media. Been Raw Catalogs has taken the initiative to combine new age production techniques with experience to expose the world to the newest and most original entertainment by working with established talent and accepting new talent to polish, mold, and guide.


At Been Raw Catalogs, we work with the newest and most efficient production equipment, collaborate on high-risk budgeted projects, and team up with some of the most talented individuals from around the world. Been Raw Catalogs understands that advances in technology have kept media at our fingertips, it is up to us to bring the best talent to consumers.


Currently Available Positions:

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