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Big Dus

The sound manipulation skills of Big Dus started way back in Charleston, South Carolina Big Dus’s home town where he first was introduced to music; his mother played hits from the 70's and 80’s daily imprinting smooth instrumentation into his soul. Big Dus still to this day finds himself singing along to classic hit records sometimes not even knowing the name of the artist or song. Through his early life Big Dus never imagined creating his own music until one day he went to a friend’s house where he was introduced to the Fruity Loops DAW way back in the early 2003, Big Dus was amazed to hear music that was solely made on a computer and using a computer keyboard at that. Big Dus would eventually get his hands on a copy of Fruity Loops and began to produce tracks; after months of teaching himself how to produce music Big Dus got to a point where he wondered why his creations sounded very different from music he would hear on the radio. This inquiry made Big Dus start to pay attention to the engineering aspect of music witch eventually led him to discover Pro Tools Software, the industry standard in sound design and manipulation. That small introduction started a lifelong passion for sound design and sound engineering, Big Dus began to read, research and practice his skill in music production learning to work with Midi and Analog hardware, he also learned the operations of the Pro Tools DAW now using it as his primary choice for producing and mixing music. During the same time Big Dus has built a large catalog of music from different genres, taking inspiration from the classic 70's and 80’s records his mother use to play and combining them with his own unique production techniques to produce some pretty outstanding soundscapes. 

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